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Filing for a bankruptcy is a very emotional decision. Every client has a different situation. Most people find bankruptcy a helpful alternative to living with large amounts of debt. Getting free of that debt, if legally allowed, sets up our clients for a much brighter, less stressful future.

Here are some ideas to consider when looking at a Bankruptcy:

  1. Your wages or income are being garnished from your bank account.
  2. Most of your debt is credit card, hospital and medical bills, or unsecured debt.
  3. You are being harassed by creditors at all times of the day relentlessly.
  4. You are falling more than 30 days behind on multiple accounts.
  5. You are being sued.
  6. You have little or no assets or savings to speak of.
  7. You have recently had property such as a vehicle repossessed.
  8. Your home is in foreclosure.
  9. You have IRS tax problems.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may assist you in some or all of the above situations. It is important you speak with our bankruptcy specialist, Dana C. Bruce, as soon as possible. We have more than 25 years of experience, and offer you a free consultation to discuss all of your options.
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